Targeted Movement – Tumwater, WA

April 22-23, 2023

15 CE Hours / NCBTMB Approved Provider

$325 on or before April 6
$425 after April 6

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Information about the Seminar

Location / Class hours

Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy and Massage
2330 Mottman Road #106 Tumwater WA 98512

The doors open at 8am both days for registration and set up
Lunch is at about 12:20 each day (1.25 hrs)
Saturday 1: 8:30 am – 5:35 pm
Sunday 2: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

What to Wear

Wear loose fitting clothing, something that you will feel comfortable moving around in that will not restrict your range of motion.

What to Bring

Massage tables are provided. Sheets are optional as you will be fully clothed the entire seminar. Bring them if you want them.

  • Properly worn, high quality masks (KF-94 or higher) are required.
  • Pad/blanket: Most of the movements are performed on the massage table, but for instructional purposes, a few will be performed on the floor. The blanket/pad will help soften the surface! If you are uncomfortable lying on the floor or have difficulty getting down to floor level, you may perform the movements on a table rather than on the floor.
  • Hand/Table Sanitizer
  • Bolster (bring only if you have difficulty lying flat on your back)
  • Head support for the sidelying position. At least half the class will need to bring this item

Student Experiences with PMT Seminars

I wanted you to know that I had a client today with some back stuff going on. She saw [another health care provider] and didn’t get much relief. Her erectors, QL, gluteus medius were really tight but I also noticed her SI joint didn’t feel right. It felt high so I did one of the movements that you taught us to help open the muscles over the SI joints and it was amazing!!! Her erectors and glutes felt like butter after doing that and QL responded quickly to my work. Thank you so much! — Diane Evans, NCMT

I just wanted to share that I’ve been doing some of the movements that you taught us in class and for the first time in over a year, I have no pain in my right SI joint. Thanks! — Heidi Fidler, B.S., CMT Kalamazoo, MI

I came away feeling I had great tools to help my clients and myself. I have had chronic pain under my left shoulder blade in which I came home pain-free. That was even after driving 5 hrs in terrible storm conditions. Great class! — Edna Raymer, NCTMB

Check out our YouTube channel to see some demonstrations!