PMT Seminars is owned and operated by Deborah Kimmet, a nationally recognized educator. Deborah is one of the first practitioners to be certified by the Alliance for Massage Therapy Education as a Certified Massage & Bodywork Educator (CMBE).

Bringing nearly 40 years of group facilitation and teaching skills to the classroom, Ms. Kimmet teaches with a dose of humor and a focus on finding innovative methods to help students understand and retain the coursework.

  • M.S. Applied Exercise Science, Human Movement Science concentration

  • Her massage and bodywork teachers include Paul St John and Carol Welch. Paul is best known for his neuromuscular therapy seminars (Deborah taught for his company for a time). Carol teaches somatic education workshops (Deborah also assisted some of her workshops) and was one of Thomas Hanna’s original students. Hanna was one of Feldenkrais’ first students in the US. 

  • Clinical experience with pre- and post-op upper extremity surgical patients at Hand Therapy of San Francisco.
    “I worked with one of the best hand therapists in northern California,” explains Deborah. “I learned so much while I worked with Hand Therapy of San Francisco, and I’ve included much of that information in the seminars.” 

  • Worked with voice therapy patients.
    “Working with the whole mechanism of breath and how we create sound was fascinating. It was another situation where I learned so much from my clients and by working with other professionals in a specialized field.” 

  • Clinical experience with professional and student musicians.
    “Our primary purpose in working together was to explore how posture affects sound, tone and the ease of playing ability,” says Kimmet. “A smaller hemi-pelvis (one ilium smaller than the other) can affect how a pianist plays his instrument, or an anatomical leg-length difference can do the same to a violinist performing in a standing position. The person is using bodily resources to hold themselves up, instead of putting that energy into their playing. It was remarkable to see the difference in a musician’s performance when these types of postural imbalances and tilts and rotations were removed from the energy equation. Plus, when we moved the initiation point of their playing (fingering, bowing, etc) from the extremities to their center, that also improved their performance.” 

  • Montana, New Mexico, and Idaho state massage therapy licensed and NCBTMB Board certified.

Deborah developed the movement series as a result of searching for muscle-specific movement work to augment her hands-on soft tissue work. “There just didn’t seem to be anything out there that brought the material together in a specific, organized way. Students in my NMT courses kept asking for more information when I’d give them a taste of what I was doing in my private practice. I want to share with my students what I’ve developed over the years that works well and has helped my many clients.”

Deborah is also a political activist at heart. She is a grassroots organizer for massage therapy issues and served as the chair of her state massage therapy board. Currently she is researching the topic of human trafficking in the massage therapy profession.