The Practical MovementTM Series

Practical Movement is Practical

The variety of practitioners using Practical Movement speaks directly to the broad applications of the technique. Massage therapists, physical therapists, chiropractors, personal trainers, yoga teachers, Pilates instructors, Feldenkrais® practitioners, Rolfers® and others have found Practical Movement to be useful.

You can use the movements to:

  • Release/soften muscles during a session via changes in the nervous system.
  • Reinforce lengthening (increased extensibility) after you’ve done  your hands-on work.
  • Retrain the muscles to function more efficiently.
  • Reduce postural imbalances.
  • Foster mindfulness and presence.
  • Heighten awareness in a particular area.
  • Provide client education and take-home activities.

Most movements are done on a treatment table, but are adaptable to a variety of body positions including standing or seated. The client can be fully clothed or not.

You can use the movements when nothing else works. Sometimes a client is in so much pain that they cannot lie down or disrobe. Because the movements are to be performed pain-free and can be adapted to just about any situation, you can use them as a gentle way to begin the healing process.

Clients respond quickly to the movements. And since they’re the ones doing the moving, it’s easier on you too. All you have to do is monitor them to make sure they are moving correctly, slowly, and with full attention.