The Practical MovementTM Series

Practical Movement is Effective

Practical Movement works.

You’ll notice that muscular tension and posture patterns change quickly. Perform a movement to reduce a postural imbalance and you’ll often see the change right after the movement is complete. Perform a movement to release a muscle in session and you’ll notice that the muscle is softer and actually releases more with your regular work. And you’ll find that your work lasts longer between sessions.

Your clients will notice that their pain levels decrease and their flexibility and range of motion increase. Clients will begin to see what works for them and what doesn’t, and they’ll bring that feedback to your sessions. From there, you can better target the areas that need work or find different movements to add to the mix.

See for yourself how this can work

Something to Keep in Mind:
While you can see the immediate effect of a movement, it can take some time to create lasting change. If a client has been moving in a certain way for a long time, it feels “normal.” And the client will tend to gravitate back to whatever feels normal unless they go through the conscious process of retraining to change those habitual patterns.